7 Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Blog Title

7 Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Blog Title


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Picture the scene.   You just finished your latest blog post.  Researching your topic.  Finding the right pictures to compliment your post.   Check your spelling and grammar, and rewrite it.  You finally prepare to publish and realise that you need to create a title.


If like me this is often an afterthought. This is WRONG!

The Blog title is probably the most important part of your blog post. 

Most users, myself included are guilty of skimming.

Think about it?  You search on Google for your chosen topic.  What do you do?  You don’t read each post.  You click the post that catches your eye.

You read the TITLE!

Creating eye-catching titles can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

just did it

#1. Just Do It 

Start with a rough draft.  Have a think. What is your post about?

For instance, when I started this post I started with the following,

“How to Craft the Perfect Headline”

I wrote a few ideas down and this was a starting point.  It wasn’t too bad, but then I thought Headline or Title?  A headline is something that you read in a newspaper. Back to the drawing board.  The idea is just to do it.  Get something down.  Even if it doesn’t fit.  It’s something. A starting point.   Try come up with at least 10 to 15 working titles.  Swap words around, add emotional and power words to the mix.  (More of this later.)

Make it Relevant

You want your readers to trust you. 

If I wrote a post called,  “How I made $5000 on Pinterest in 1 Month” This title could potentially get lots of hits.  However, if the post didn’t deliver and my post was bullshit.  I could lose readers and they would no longer trust me.

Make it Clear

You want to make your title clear.  Let’s look at some examples.  

“Quit your job and make a living from Blogging” – This is a bold statement.  But take a look on Google and there are around 16 million hits using that title alone.  If I read some of these posts and they don’t tell me how I can achieve this in detail.  Would I return?  Would I hell?

You want the title to inform the reader what they can expect to read and gets delivered to them.


You don’t want your blog title to be longer than the actual post.  There is no definitive answer as for how long many words your title must be.  We can only gauge using stats and information available

Here is an excellent tool provided by CoSchedule for creating titles.


They recommend a word count of approximately 6 words and around 55 characters.  Which is fine for search engines as long as you don’t go beyond 60 characters.  After which you title will get trimmed on results.

You can check what your title will appear like here.

Whereas on Social Networks this may be increased to around 8-14 Words on Twitter and Facebook.


#2. Numbers vs Words

For me, this debate depends on the type of post that you are writing. 

If I created a post, “How I dealt with depression.” I wouldn’t use a list because of the content.   Can you imagine, “7 Ways I beat Depression.” 

Not for me.

A lot of people recommend that your title should begin with a number. 

Why is this? 

It’s precise for starters and tells readers exactly what to expect.  I used it for this post.

Numbers indicate the post is going to deliver information in a straightforward manner.  

There are a variety of title formats here are some examples.

  • The Numbered List Variety – 7 Simple Ways to Craft the Perfect Title
  • The How-To Variety – How to Craft the Perfect Title
  • The Ultimate Guide to Crafting the Perfect Title
  • The Question Variety – Are your Blog Titles Good enough?
  • The Curiosity Variety – This title got 1000 views in 1 DAY!

#3 Make your Title SEO Friendly

In a  previous post, I wrote about the importance of SEO and keywords.  This ensures that when searching for your topic.   Your post could be listed in the search results.

Begin with Google Ads to research your keywords.

Make sure the keywords, you researched are within the title.

For instance my title,

7 Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Blog Title. 

The keywords here are Create the Perfect Blog Title.

I won’t make false promises and say that this will guarantee that your post will be listed but it helps.   There is more to SEO than just using the right title.

Once you are established you can add your brand name or domain to the title.   This helps because its unique to your domain.

So in my case, I would add

7 Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Blog Title – thisistheday.org.uk

Do not Overload Keywords

Try not to be tempted and place too many keywords within the title.  Think more about the reader, not the search engine.   You want it to read naturally.  



#4. Pinterest Titles

Pinterest is not only a fantastic way to generate traffic as described in this post. 

One of the other advantages of using Pinterest is that you can use different titles to pin your posts. 

For instance, even though I am happy with the title of my post. “7 Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Blog Title

Using Pinterest I can vary my pin and change the title to, “How to create the Perfect Blog Title” or maybe “Blog Titles that Win”

More Options.

I can use the blog titles that I drafted when I wrote down my ideas when I started my post.

#5. Use the tools

During my research into this post. I found and use a variety of sites that aid the creation of blog posts..

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

This tool compares the emotional content of your tile compared to other business that your category relates too.  Emotional and Power Words get mentioned a lot when using these tools. More of which below.

The #1 Headline Analyzer

This excellent tool from Co-Schedule is probably one of my favourite tools for generating titles for my blogs.  Its perfect for teaching you how to construct your title and has tons of useful resources.

Hemmingway App

This site is perfect for your overall blogging or any form of writing.  It analysis your sentences for complexity and active voice.  I use it all the time fully recommended.

Readability Test

This does what it says on the tin.  It checks the readability of your title or blocks of text.

Blog Topic Generator

Not strictly useful for checking titles but ideal for when your idea jar has run empty.


Buzzsomo is a great tool for checking keywords and how they perform on Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  The free version only allows so many attempts per day but its worth a visit.


#6. I Get So Emotional Baby

Emotional and Power Words – they get mentioned a LOT in  Headline and Title tools, but what do they mean?  Do they really work?

Using the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer tool is a great way to start.

According to my research and the folks over at the Advanced Marketing Institute who know a lot more on this subject than me.  (Further information can be found  here)


Emotional Words are KEY to communication on an emotional level which drives the reader to act. In other words, READ your article.

Here are a few examples of Emotional Headlines.

7 Ways to Get your Boss to See what You are Worth
Feeling: Self Confidence

These Cute Cat Pictures will Make you Laugh Out Loud
Feeling: Happiness

15 Ways to Make Money Without Raising a Finger
Feeling: Financial Security and Confidence

The Final Picture Will Break Your Heart
Feeling: Sadness and curiosity 

12 Powerful Women That Will Kick Your Ass
Feeling: Empowered


Power Words – Are used to grab readers ATTENTION.  Think of titles that would call the reader to act.  Here are a few examples from the Co-Schedule website.    

perfect words


Power Words are irresistible and drive curiosity

So for my title,  Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Title

I could vary it up

The Power of Greed – Perfect Blog Titles that You cannot Miss Out

The Power of Curiosity – Top Secret Blog Titles that cannot be Missed

The Power of Lust – Blog Titles that readers find Compelling

The Power of Vanity – Blog Titles that keep you Ahead of the Game


#7. The Perfect Cocktail Blog Title Mix

Whilst there is no perfect formula for creating titles.  If there was, blog titles would be generic and boring.  Just like cocktails, they take practice.  The more you do them, the better you get.

And like all good cocktails we need to knows the classics and the foundations.


  • The Numerical Headline
  • The How to Guide Headline 
  • The Ultimate Guide
  • The Question Headline
  • The Curiosity Headline

Add some EMOTION and POWER words to the mix.

↔ Power/Emotion Keyword ↔
Adjective/Noun ↔ Solution

“How to Write a Blog Title That Will Hook Your Readers”

“7 Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Title”

How to Create the Perfect Title in 5 Steps”

Why Your Blog Titles are failing (Negatives work as well)

Like all Cocktails, the more you practice the better you get.    And just remember the best cocktails are original and unusual.



Start with something. Draft at least 10 working titles. 

Think about how much time it takes to write your blog compared to the time taken writing your title.

Consider what your post is about and make it relevant.

Consider using different case for your title – UPPER, lower or Proper Case.

Don’t be afraid to use brackets (to maybe add a twist or to emphasise your title).

Use the websites and tools available

Don’t be generic – search google using the same title see how many results you get.

Try to mix it up and be original.

Think SEO

Think Power and Emotion



Thanks for reading my post.  I hope its helpful.  I would love to read your comments and if you subscribe to my blog I will send you my free and very useful Social Network printable.

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  1. This post is filled with some fantastic tips! I’ve only recently discovered the importance of a good headline and have been using the coschedule headline analyser. I will have to look into the other great resources included in this post. Thank you for sharing

  2. Thank you for the comprehensive guide you have in this post. Your post provides helpful information especially for aspiring bloggers like me. More success for you and your online career.

  3. Thank you for writing this in a way that is perfectly understanding. I appreciate the why behind your statements. I agree about the headline being so important to what we are writing. How long does it take for you to come up with a headline? Is the process different than when you first started blogging?

    1. Thanks for reading and your kind comments and yes my process has changed which is one of the reasons I wrote the article I tend to spend a few hours going from draft to complete


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