How to Use Google Trends for Blogging – 8 Useful Ways

How to Use Google Trends for BloggingThe hardest part of Blogging is generating traffic.  Without traffic what is the point in blogging? We need people to read our posts.   The question we need to ask is what do people want to read about?  Google provide a free tool for this purpose.  Understanding keyword research and SEO techniques are useful for any blogger.  Another tool to consider is Google trends.  What is popular on the biggest search engine on the web?  I hope that my guide on “How to Use Google Trends for Blogging” will be helpful. 

Best of all its FREE!

Google Trends Homepage

How to Use Google Trends for Blogging

The Home Page explained.

A:  Home Page – This returns you back to the start.

B:  Explore – Enter a keyword to explore what people are searching for.

C: Trending Searches – This highlights search traffic that has increased over the past 24 hours.

D:  The lists are based on search terms with the highest volume.

E:  You can subscribe to receive updates about topics.


#1 Flavour of the month

Number 1 of How to Use Google Trends for Blogging

Seasonal Trends – Depending on your chosen niche you can get some good ideas for topics and schedule when to release them. 

Example #1 –  Lets pretend you run a football (soccer) blog.  By searching for Football Transfers on Google Trends. We can see the best time of year to release a post relating to potential transfer targets would be August 5th until August 11th

How to Use Google Trends for Blogging


Example #2 – You run a keep-fit blog – when is the best time to post that latest post for belly fat?  According to the data prime time is June/July (screenshot below)


Google Trends is perfect for selling products.  Lets say you sell re-conditioned Lego.  We can see that the optimum interest is November 18 until November 24.  Plan you selling campaign to coincide with these key dates for maximum impact

How to Use Google Trends for Blogging


You can also change the date range to go back to 2004!  Although it should be noted that improvements for data collections where applied by Google from 01/01/16.


#2 Trending Searches

Number 2 of How to Use Google Trends for Blogging

In need of inspiration for blog posts?  By using Trending Searches, you can get some good ideas for what to write your posts about.  Best of all its relevant.  People are actively searching for this information.

How to Use Google Trends for Blogging


The above screenshot was from March 26, 2019 for Search trends for the UK.

If I was a political blogger, I could create a post outlining what Article 13 means?  As a sports blogger I could create a post about Conor McGregor. 

Sometimes, the data can peak such as when a Celebrity passes away or gets married.

The thing to remember that it can be used for getting some juicy ideas.


Don’t ignore “Real-time Search Trends” 

This is useful because not only can you see what people are searching for.  You can also select Categories. 

In the example above I have selected Science/Technology. 

From this, I could create a post about Artificial Intelligence.  As a Games Blogger I could create a post about The Borderlands Pre-Sequel.   

This is information is a gold-mine.


#3 Related Products and Items

Number 3 of How to Use Google Trends for Blogging

Another useful Google Trends feature is finding items that relate to your chosen topic or product.  Why is this useful you might ask?

I enjoy posting about music.  I wrote a recent post for my Top 10 Singers and Songwriters.

In the example below I have searched for David Bowie.


It is important to note that you can change the order from Rising to Top.  You can also change the region from UK, USA to Worldwide. 

Over a period of 3 years, Worldwide I can see 5 topics related to David Bowie.  From this information.  I could write a posts relating his songs.  Lets say, “My top 10 David Bowie Songs”.  I could write a post relating to Labyrinth. That’s just the top 5 related topics.

The same principal works just as well for selling products.

Lets say I have an online store selling Fitbit products. If I search for Fitbit and check related topics it provides some idea for related products such as Weighing Scales, Pedometers and Aerobic Exercise equipment.   Related products that are in demand.  Best get stocking up!


#4 Regional Trends

Number 4 of How to Use Google Trends for Blogging

What you sell or blog about might not appeal to all.  

A good example would be a soccer blog about Liverpool FC.  Its obvious that the highest regional interest in the UK would be Liverpool and the surrounding towns 

It is interesting however when I change the search criteria to worldwide.  If I compare with Manchester United the result are quiet surprising.

For Manchester United, the biggest interest is Chile, Kenya and Nigeria!

If I sort interest by Liverpool FC, the biggest interest is Egypt, Germany and Saudi Arabia.  I am guessing that this could because of Mo Salah (Egyptian) and Klopp.


Regional interest is useful for selling products. 

I am still trying to sell Fitbits,

Where shall I focus my attention?  I plan on paying for advertising on Google Ads and Facebook.  I want to make sure that I get the best return for my hard-earned cash.  Should I focus on selling in New York or Louisville?  It’s a no-brainer.



#5 – Keyword Research

Number 5 of How to Use Google Trends for Blogging

As any good blogger knows,  SEO and Keyword Research go hand in hand.   Keywords are needed for organic and on-going traffic.  The difficulty can be finding the relevant keywords. 

I have wrote a few posts about “Blogging”

Looking at related queries.  I can see a number of queries that I can use for keywords.  Make Money Blogging is always a popular title.

If we further research this using a free or paid for keyword research tool such as

We can gather ideas for keywords and even better long-tail keywords. 

One suggestion from “wordtracker” that jumps out for me is “How to Make Money from home”

If I add “Using WordPress” this gives me a great long-tail keyword and a great topic to write a post about (watch this space!)



If we change the filter to Rising, this gives us some alternative and trending topics which can also be useful.  A blog post for Football could a good idea.  A list of the best free blogging platforms.

You get the picture.



#6 – Word vs Video

Number 6 of How to Use Google Trends for Blogging

This depends on how you promote or use you blog.  I don’t feel that comfortable putting my ugly mug on YouTube but for some bloggers it’s the ideal platform. 

Topics such as Makeup and Fashion advice spring to mind as well as Keep-Fit are perfect for Vlogs. 

Using Bowie as my subject over the past 12 months interest via web search has been relatively steady around  the 50% mark


However, overall interest for Bowie is increased on YouTube which averages around 75% mark.  This makes sense as most people would search for his music videos. 

Maybe I should have put my recent Top 10 Singers on YouTube as a VLOG?



Using the Google Year in Search can be helpful.  Casting a quick look a few potential ideas for videos jump out straight away.  The top 3 Beauty questions relate to eyelashes.  There is a number of videos waiting to be created right there.


#7 – Find your Niche

Number 7 of How to Use Google Trends for Blogging

The general blogging advice tends to be find your niche. 

I don’t fall into this category maybe this is where I am going wrong?  I suppose my blog would be lifestyle because I cover a bit of everything.  However, if you want to choose a niche.  Google Trends could be a good starting point. 

I need to make a tough decision shall I blog about Fashion or Makeup?

Fashion beats Makeup.

How about Music vs Movies?

Movies smash music!

The Year in Charts is also useful for choosing niches.  For USA in 2018 we have the following chart.


Working down the list would be the following niches.

  1. Sports
  2. Environment
  3. Music
  4. Fashion
  5. Chef/Entertainment
  6. Movies/Comic book
  7. Money
  8. Entertainment
  9. Music
  10. Politics


For USA in 2017 we have the list below.

You can see that they vary from Environment/Sports/Entertainment as the most searched for categories. 


#8 – Stay Fresh

Number 8 of How to Use Google Trends for Blogging

How fast can you create posts?  If you can create posts in a day or so its perfect for you.

I have read that creating frequent content can be beneficial for SEO and your followers.  The downside is that this can have an impact on quality so it’s a trade-off.  I am happy to highlight my shortcomings.  One of my issues is that my posts are probably too long and I take too much time creating them. 

Google trends is great for keeping your content fresh.

Let’s take a look at today’s options via Daily Search Trends.

From this list I could create 5 potential blog posts.

If I ran a stock/investment blog, I could write a post about Lyft Stock. 

As a Music or Entertainment blogger run a story about Justin Beiber posting fake pregnancy post.  Go Beiber you plum. 

Have a Sports Blog write a Kentucky Basketball post. 

This stuff can write itself and best of all its fresh daily content.



I hope that you have enjoyed my guide.  Thanks for reading.   If you enjoyed reading this please leave a comment below or better yet sign up.  Sharing is always appreciated.  Your the best.



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  1. I was just struggling with figuring out whether I should be using Google Trends to drive traffic (yet another thing to focus on, right?) But this really helped me see that it’s not as complicated as I thought, and a lot more useful than I’d initially assumed! Thanks <3

  2. Wow! There is so much fantastic information in this post – I have saved to refer to later. I definitely had no idea you could utilise google so much in this way 🙂


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