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Let me Start with a Bang everything you write should be f**king awesome.  Swim for the horizon.  Reach for the moon.  If you fail then try again. Here is my list of 10 Epic Ways To Increase Blog Traffic. Enjoy!

So you have written a fabulous blog post. You spent hours, days even, working on the draft. You re-wrote and tweaked it. Adding videos and media. You read guidelines and researched what works and what people are reading.  You press publish then wait, and wait, then wait some more and nothing happens.

It’s disheartening.  You feel deflated.

if you are established blogger and already have followers its easier to get people to read your blog but for newbies, it’s not that easy. 

Join me on my EPIC blogging journey. Let’s Increase Blog Traffic together.

#1. The Power of Social Networks

As a blogging newbie, you need to learn to harness the power of Social Networks. Tell people in your Social Network about your new post – ask your friends and family to share and retweet. Blackmail them if you have too!

This is easier said than done especially if you only have so many friends and so many Twitter followers BUT don’t give in! There are plenty of ways to share your blog with thousands of people for FREE every day!


Create a Facebook Page.  Ideally, this should be a Blog page.  Facebook recently changed its rules so that the only way that WordPress could share posts was via an FB page rather than an FB profile.  More details here.

If you already have a Blogging Facebook profile, you would be best to change your profile to a page.  Facebook pages provide better options and give a professional impression to your potential readers.  The process is explained here.

You may be worried about changing your profile to a page due to the fear of having to gain more likes. The process of starting over again and trying to get people to like your page would be a pain in the arse.  Fortunately, FB provides the facility of changing your “Friends” on your blog profile to “Likes” on your page.

Facebook Groups

If you don’t have many followers, there are lots of FB groups that are fantastic for promoting your blog and FB Page.  Especially if you are a beginner like me!

Simply search for bloggers and find lots of helpful groups.  Here is a list of some of the best that I have found.

“Bloggers Supporting Bloggers”
“Bloggers Supporting Each Other”
“Blogging for New Bloggers”
“Official UK Bloggers”

You normally have to answer a couple of question in order to join some of the groups.  This can sometimes take a day or two.  Please make sure to read the relevant rules before you go crazy and start posting links to your blogs.  Each day the group administrators post threads such as “Feedback Fridays”, “More page likes”, “Instagram followers” for instance.

Again, please check the post rules, such as if you ask for feedback on your blog make sure that your return the favour and do as the thread instructs. You could get banned from the group if you dont adhere to the rules.

The admin peeps that organise these groups are great.  These people are giving their time for you! Try to respect the group and give good karma.  Good karma means to give and take, read other blogs and comments and you will receive the same in return. Yeah man.

Facebook Pages Advantages

If you plan on monetizing your blog.  You would need an FB page otherwise you would be breaking FB rules.  They can close your account!

Better Sharing – You can integrate and share your page with Instagram and as discussed WordPress.

Scheduled Posts – When you begin to blog regularly its useful to schedule your posts saving time and keeping your followers in touch with your blog.

Insights – FB Page insights for useful information about your followers and post analysis.

Better Management – Separates your personal profile to a dedicated Page which is easier to manage.


Link your blog post on Twitter. Try and make your Blog title interesting.  Pose a question or offer help.  Try different tweets to see which work best.  A quick technique is search Twitter for #blogger or #blogging and you will see fellow bloggers who create “Blogger Follow Trains” which are great ways to generate some easy traffic. Again, the same FB rules apply to Twitter.  Good Karma.  The aim with Twitter is try and gain more followers.  The more followers that you have the easier to generate traffic.


I will be honest with you.  I don’t have much experience with Google Plus.  I’ve used it for my wife’s Catering business for her website.  Ignore Google Plus at your peril.  You get Google analytics which needs to be authenticated against your blog.  Google analytics is a very powerful tool and can be used to find out how you appear on Google and how to improve your SEO.

There are numbers of additional tools with a GMAIL account, such as Google Photos (FREE unlimited online storage).

You can also join communities and create collections.  You can also enable Google Plus Social Feed which another way of generating traffic.


I have been using Pinterest casually for a year or so and not took much notice. Following my research into creating this post.  Pinterest is turning into one of the major players for Bloggers to share their posts and generate more traffic.  I am planning on writing a post about using Pinterest because it seems to be the place to be.

Pinterest was created to share web articles. It provides a continuous feed of blog articles, tutorials, and other images that promote your blog post.  Each pin that you post drives traffic to that site.  People who use Pinterest are looking for articles to read.  Try to make your posts eye-catching and attractive to readers.

If you already have a Pinterest account you would be best to change your existing personal account to a business account.  This enables better features for interacting with WordPress and you are able to access Pinterest analytics.


Instagram falls into the same category for me as Pinterest.  I have been using it casually for personal use but like Pinterest, it’s highly recommended in the Blogging Community as a way of generating traffic.  Especially if you blog about highly visual subjects, such as hairstyles, fashion, photography for instance but can still be used for anything given the correct application.  I am planning on creating a post for Instagram.  A very useful article can be found here.


Don’t forget YouTube.  The majority of major bloggers use YouTube to promote their blogs.  Especially useful for training and instruction video.


LinkedIn is useful for business bloggers.  It’s one to investigate.


That’s a choice of 7 social networks that you can use straight away. The only real drawback is that you need to advertise and publicise your posts on a regular basis.

If you are starting to take blogging seriously and trying to get more readers.  Sharing to social networks is a must if you want to increase blog traffic.

It’s worthwhile trying to look at your busy schedule and allocating your precious time to marketing. This is probably the aspect that I struggle to deal with personally.

Creating content isn’t a problem at the moment as I tend to fly off in many tangents.  But without a marketing strategy or plan. Who will read your posts?

Social Networks are not just good for getting readers, they are useful to interact with other bloggers and share information and learn new skills.  You can ask for feedback and check other blogs out.  See what people are asking and talking about which is important for blogging as this gives you the chance to consider what posts to create and provide insights and share knowledge.

You need to be consistent with Social networks.  That is until you have what you consider to have as a sufficient number of followers.



WordPress provides an automatic publish feature which is really useful.  In order to enable the relevant social networks, within WordPress Dashboard, go to My Site -> Sharing.

Once you have the publishing feature enabled, you will see the option to publicise within the publish box when you prepare a post.



Make sure that you also set up the sharing buttons. These are displayed alongside your blog posts.

This makes it easier for your readers to share your post and generate more traffic



SEO Optimization is probably the most difficult method to master, BUT has the benefit of being passive.  The SEO method is passive because when done properly people will read your blog via a search engine and not by advertising your blog on social networks.  This is why it ranks so highly on ways to get more readers on the majority of guides.  You need to try to understand how SEO works.

Your blog site needs to be SEO friendly so that it gets indexed and discovered by Google and other search engines.  I intend to write a full guide on SEO which I plan on learning in detail.

There are lots of SEO plugins available with the best being Yoast SEO and ALL in ONE SEO.  This is the advantage of using the full version of WordPress.

I intend to write a full guide to mastering SEO.

Here are some basic settings that might be helpful.

Check Your Site Visibility Settings

WordPress provides a feature to hide your site from search engines. (God knows why?)

You can check this by clicking on Settings > Reading Settings > Search Engine Visibility (Make sure the box is not ticked)

Check Permalink Settings

SEO friendly addresses contain words that clearly explain the content of the page, and are easy to read by both search engines and humans.

Some examples of SEO friendly links are:


Note that these link are simple to read and a user can guess what is  on the page just by looking at the link text.

A non-SEO friendly link looks like this?


Note that these links use numbers that are not related to the content, not easy for users to read.

Using the correct SEO friendly permalink structure greatly improves your chances of getting better positions in search results.

This is how you can check and update your WordPress site’s permalink structure.  Click on Settings > Permalink Settings


Its recommended that you select Post Name BUT if you have been using WordPress for longer than 6 months its not recommended changing the Permalink Settings as this can affect your existing SEO ranking.

There are several other methods for increasing your SEO rating so take time and try to investigate how to implement and understand these settings.



Add a short description to attract people to your blog.

Don’t forget to do this on your iPhone as well. This can be done by clicking on Settings >  Mail > Signature.


Try to be constructive with comments.  It’s nice to give and receive compliments but just as nice to give suggestions and even constructive criticism.  Another pair of eyes see things different too you.  Plus if you do this via WordPress.  People will see your comment and potentially click on your profile. Good karma points!

#7. ASK

There is no harm in asking your readers. Include an invitation at the end of a post and point readers to the signup spot which can get you more followers. Try to be polite and maybe provide a special offer or some sort of freebie.


This can be easier said than done.  Spend time choosing your theme, look and feel.  Try and plan your layout and menu structure. Pictures can attract visitors, especially when integrating with Instagram and Pinterest.  Consider using grammar software or sites.

Have a look at other blogs for ideas.  Its worth following some well-known bloggers just to see what attracts you to read their posts.  Don’t copy them like for like but try to get an understanding of the look and feel of their posts.

Make sure to preview your blog posts, take a break from your post and read it again.  Is it well constructed and clear?  Try to be yourself even with user guides and instructional blog posts.  I feel that I engage better when the writer, writes from their own perspective.


Try to encourage readers to subscribe to your blog.  Maybe provide a free offer such as the following:

A cheat sheet, report, e-book or exclusive content.

Any of these should provide motivation for readers to subscribe.


According to my research, this is one of the best ways to get new subscribers. Part of the advantages of mixing with other bloggers on Facebook and Twitter is that you could find a blog with a similar audience to yours and propose to guest post with the author. Readers will be curious enough about you to click over to your blog and check you out. Make sure your guest post is original (not recycled) content and make it the best post you can possibly write.

There is excellent information which can be found here



I hope that this has been helpful for fellow bloggers.  Please feel free to comment and I appreciate your reading, 10 Epic Ways To Increase Blog Traffic.





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    1. Hi thanks for reading. I meant that its worth looking into Google Plus because of the free benefits. You get Google analytics and Google photos for free!

  1. Social media, especially facebook and pinterest have been my main sources of traffic. Adding blog link to my email signature is something interesting. Would surely like to try that.

  2. Thanks for the info!
    I’ve been blogging for seven years and am still learning!

    The full text or summary button is for emails. If you click full text, most readers won’t click to your blog. I just checked and top bloggers like The Bloggess get amazing SEO (she blogs about it) and her emails are in summary.
    What stops crawling is adding a Read More to our blogs. Made that mistake a while ago and deleted most of them.

  3. How do I save this post forever and ever? Seriously. I need to study each and every one of your suggestions. I’ve been blogging since 2014 and I’ve been stuck in a stats rut. I don’t intend to monetize my blog, but I do eventually want to publish a book. (My blog consists of humorous anecdotes and true stories about my checkered past.) Thank you!

  4. Nice tips! I am just starting to blog, and I can definitely use all the help I can get. There is such a large amount of tips and tutorials out there, it’s good that someone is putting it together in a concise form.

  5. Thanks for the great tips. I read so many of these “how to increase your traffic” posts because it’s something I struggle with, but it’s nice to find fresh insights and perspectives as you offer here! To be honest, Google Plus confuses the hell out of me, but I keep hearing it’s important, and your post was a reminder for me to immediately go and share my latest post on Google Plus! Keyword research is the hardest for me because it’s tough to find keywords that are relevant AND sound natural AND low competition AND have a decent amount of traffic. But one piece of advice I read said when you have a new blog, you should prioritize low competition over traffic because otherwise Google will never find you, so that’s what I’ve been doing.


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