Windows 10 Updates Guide

Microsoft issue updates every Tuesday.  Most of the updates are for security reasons but some of them are bug fixes.  It worth running the updates at least twice a month.  They can be a pain in the backside but are needed.  I would also recommend installing them when you are not using the machine and can be left plugged in sometimes overnight depending on how many updates you need.
Step 1 – Press the Windows Key – either on the keyboard or on the screen like below.
Step 2 – Click on Gear Cog
Step 3 – Select Update & Security
Step 4 – Click Check ONLINE for Updates
update 1
If it does not work – restart the machine and try again.
How to disable automatic driver downloads
Windows 10 updates also update the drivers automatically, this can be useful for standard machines.  But if you have a machine that has a 3D graphics card that runs with AutoCAD or Solidworks, for instance, the drivers can be updated and cause issues for end users due to the graphics drivers being automatically updated and not compatible with Solidworks.  To prevent this we can disable automatic driver downloads.
Start by clicking on the search bar at the bottom and start to type con for control panel which should appear as below.
control pan 
Select Small Icons to make it easier to find.
small icons
Then select System
Click Advanced system settings on the left
Select the Hardware Tab then Device Installation Settings
device install
Select No and then Save Changes
yes or no


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