Why women are their own worst enemies


What right do I have to ask “Why women are their own worst enemies?”
I know it’s forbidden for men to try to write about what women feel.
So, I am writing to say how I feel about all you beautiful women.
By beautiful women I mean my beautiful hard-working wife and mother to our wonderful boys.

My beautiful mum who brought me up with such love and compassion all her life until she passed away way too young.

I also mean my beautiful sister who is a beautiful compassionate woman much like my wife and mum.

I mentioned that I was writing this post to my wife who was sunbathing next to me on a beautiful beach in Montego Bay.

The Problem

My wife tells me that she doesn’t like to get her picture took without her makeup on. She’s not alone by any stretch, I hear plenty of friends saying the same thing.  “Not this side.  It’s my bad side.”

I tell her I don’t see any difference. She tells me that it makes her feel uncomfortable and I’m like you are beautiful without makeup and she’s like I do it for me. It makes me feel good.

I say ok and the penny drops. She makes sense because she does it for her and her alone.  Not for me and not for anybody else. That’s a good enough reason.

I just think women worry more about the way they look than what us fellas do. I mean I would never ever dream of saying to my lady. “Hey, girl ya got a face like a slapped arse. Go and stick some slap on. She would knock me spark out.

Don’t get me wrong, we all care about how we look. I have been on a diet myself because I felt I was overweight and following my beautiful wife’s example tried to be more healthy.

But still, I would never dream of saying to my wife “You need to lose weight” that would make me a complete wanker.

What I am trying to say is basic, us men are not always that in tune with how women feel. We are on the whole stupid. We see something we like and we pursue.

Whether your big or small, overweight or skinny, have a flat arse or a shelf arse, big tits, little tits, no tits or wonky tits.  We have man boobs, jelly belly’s, bald heads and wrinkles but at the end of it all when we are old and wrinkled who really gives a shit?

Just live your life the way you want it.


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