Where was it when one heard the truth?


Just reading the Matt Johnson theThe biography “Long shadows and high hopes” which can be purchased here. It’s an excellent read so far. Interesting stuff from Matts childhood. Like who knew that his uncle invented disco?  It’s interesting to know the origins of “theThe” band name.

I never knew the answer and always thought it’s hard to tell people who your favourite band is because they always say, “theThe who are they?”

Here is a very brief summary, I hope it’s ok for me to write it?

One of Matt’s friends Kieth came up with the name. Matt liked it because it being very much a blank canvas.  He ran the name past a hippy girl who explained to Matt that “the the”  were the last two words from one of her favourite poems by Wallace Stevens, ‘The Man on the dump’ which pricked my interest.

One, because I wanted to search out the poem out of curiosity and two, because of the boss title. ‘The man on the dump” I mean that’s me because I spend a lot of time on the shitter.

So I googled it and found it here.

It’s kind of interesting. Not sure what it means yet but I need to read it several times to get me head around it.

But the final line and I quote which I hope it’s okay as well, “Where was it one first heard of the truth? The the.”

Total class. I mean what a line, that’s a tattoo idea right there.

Seriously what a belter of a line and my god reading it back many years later it’s almost an advertising line to introduce people to the wonder of theThe.

So my question is where was it when one heard the truth?
My story can be found right here.


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