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5 Questions when Starting to Blog

5 Questions when Starting to Blog Introduction Join me on my EPIC Blogging journey In this post, I want to discuss the What’s, Why’s, Whom, Where’s and How’s of Blogging.  I want to help fellow Bloggers by passing on what I have learnt so far on my quest! #1 – What is a Blog? Everyone must … Continue reading »5 Questions when Starting to Blog

10 Bowie Hidden Gems that are too Good to Ignore

Here is my list of Bowie’s hidden gems.  The tracks that shouldn’t be skipped or dismissed because they are just too good to ignore. The songs that were not released as singles. These songs are from the earlier part of his career spanning from 1967 to 1975. Most Bowie fans will be familiar with these … Continue reading »10 Bowie Hidden Gems that are too Good to Ignore

6 Reasons why Fridays are the Best

My name is Tinkerbell but my family call me Tinkersmell because I stink which I think is hilarious.  I decided to hijack my dad’s blog because my older sister gets more attention and has more friends on Facebook. Things that I like. Food – I f**king love Food is freaking  awesome. Sleeping – Sleeping is … Continue reading »6 Reasons why Fridays are the Best

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14 Reasons Why Your Laptop is Running Slow

14 Reasons Why Your Laptop is Running Slow and How to Fix It. A slow laptop can be frustrating as hell.  Here is my list of common issues and how to fix them. #1. Windows Updates and Application Updates Microsoft issue updates and bug fixes almost every month.  If you fall behind the updates get … Continue reading »14 Reasons Why Your Laptop is Running Slow

Defrag your Hard Drive

Defrag Hard Drive Files and programs that are stored on your hard drive become fragmented over time.  This means that different parts of the files are stored in separate areas of the drive instead of next to each other.  When this happens, it can take longer for files to open. It’s always a good idea … Continue reading »Defrag your Hard Drive

How do you get over the death of a loved one?

How I overcome the grief of losing someone. I hope this post does not upset or offend anyone. That’s not my intention. Grief and loss are a difficult subject to deal with and these are only my views and thoughts.  I wrote this article for two reasons.  One was to get the thoughts out of … Continue reading »How do you get over the death of a loved one?

The Best FREE AutoCad Alternative

Are you looking for the best free AutoCad alternative? We have 5 users in our office that use AutoCAD for designing and editing Technical drawings. AutoCAD traditionally used to be available as a standalone product. Depending on the version (LT or full) retailed at around £450 to £1000) per license.  Like the majority of software … Continue reading »The Best FREE AutoCad Alternative

Windows 10 Updates Guide

Microsoft issue updates every Tuesday.  Most of the updates are for security reasons but some of them are bug fixes.  It worth running the updates at least twice a month.  They can be a pain in the backside but are needed.  I would also recommend installing them when you are not using the machine and … Continue reading »Windows 10 Updates Guide

Rewind Festival North- Saturday Review

I was apprehensive when we booked this festival.  I am not a massive 80’s fan. I love music in all shapes and sizes and don’t like the idea of being constricted to just one decade.  My wife loves the 80’s and doesn’t seem to be able to move on from that decade. We paid for … Continue reading »Rewind Festival North- Saturday Review