My Novel – a work in progress

I have been writing my novel forever.  I am in the process of redrafting.  I love to draw and I am debating whether to change it to a graphic novel, but I don’t think that I can draw good enough.   The other option that I have opted for is a hybrid.
Chapter 1
He tried hard not to lick his lips, an annoying habit that he had developed as a child.

His bottom lip protruded slightly due to a small rash that had developed. Two emotions triggered this almost animal-like instinct somewhere from within the hidden psyche of Michael. Excitement and Nervousness.  When they combined, the tongue would appear.
Blue LED light from the laptop reflected against his glasses.

With each word that he typed he hesitated as he formulated the correct sequence of questions and answers.  Engage and understand, emphasise and get them to trust you. Listen to them.  It was so simple.
Michael often found that the more vulnerable and emotionally charged they were the easier they could be manipulated.   He had taught himself how to listen and understand women by watching numerous YouTube videos. Making notes as a self-satisfied man reeled of variations of clichés that might as well be taught in the schoolyard or by your older brother.
Still the videos where useful, Michael found that once teenage girls turned fourteen, they considered themselves to be women and wanted to be treated as such.
“R U sure u still want 2 do this?” Michael typed.
Five seconds passed.
“We can do this another time if u want?”, Michael let her choose.
“I am on my way!!!:)” Kimberley replied.
“I am so excited to meet u 4 real”. His tongue darted from side to side, as he typed his reply.
They had both been chatting for around six months or so. Kim would tell him about her problems, he would tell her his. She was slightly plump with shoulder-length ginger hair.  They had started chatting on a forum about the original Star Trek TV series. She had a thing about Doctor Spock. Michael thought this was amusing.
The ten-year age gap between them never seemed to be an issue.  She had just turned 15.  He lied when he told her that he was 25, he was 27.
“I am on the bus now. I should be there in around 20 minutes.  My battery is nearly dead.” She typed.
“Don’t forget you DON’T have to come in to my house.  We can stand and chat at the front door if u want?” Michael replied.
“We have already spoke about this.  I trust u. I might be a little shy at first but I will probably come in.  I have to go.  I only have 10% battery.  C U soon x”
“OK C U soon xx”.  He closed the chat window and sat back. “Was this really going to happen?” Michael asked himself.  He tilted his head back and closed his eyes.  He couldn’t stop thinking about the picture she had sent him.  Kim had recently had her belly button pierced without her parents knowing.  Michael told her that it looked cool.  He was afraid to say it but he found himself getting turned on when he thought about her soft pink stomach.

The day dream didn’t last very long.  A message alert disturbed him.  It was his online friend Timbo_77.
“The webcam needs moving I can’t see the bed?” Timbo_77 instructed.
“It needs moving to the left.  What time is she getting there?”  Timbo_77 asked.
“In about 15 minutes.” Michael answered. “Make sure u record this one.”
Michael and Timbo_77 had been exchanging videos and pictures for almost 2 years.  This was the second time they had streamed a live video.  Michael could feel the sweat trickle down his neck, as shifted around the room. His heart increased its beat, he needed to calm down.
He slid the chair back and ambled to the webcam that was hidden amongst the row of books on the nearby cabinet.  He carefully adjusted the camera.
“How does that look?” Michael asked via the webcam microphone.
“Much Better” Timbo_77 replied.
Michael sat back down, the upper part of his back damp with sweat.  He made a mental note to turn the central heating down.
“Have u got the GHB?” Timbo_77 asked.
“Yes. Stop worrying I know what I am doing.  She will be getting here soon.  I need to get ready.”
Michael locked the computer and closed the screen. He stood up and took a deep breath.
Desperate for a piss, he entered the nearby bathroom and emptied his bladder.  He was midway through washing his hands, when the doorbell rang.
“Shit.” Kim was early.


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    1. Thanks Jenn – I have been working off and on for a few years – this is my first draft. I am torn between the idea of using pictures within the book. Its just something that I enjoy doing. I think the main thing is to try and map the story out and stick to it – dont give up!


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