I work for my wife at the weekend. She’s me boss and she’s super hot.  She is a hard worker and my bezzy mate and her name is Julianne.  We have been doing this Catering shit for donkeys. And its a pain in the arse sometimes BUT it gets me on some boss holidays with the BOSS lady! so happy days.  

Anyway, I was driving home from a job that I was working on.  Thinking about shite because that’s all I do most of the time. I wanted to try and tell a little story, called “A day in the life of a Julianne’s Catering Driver.”

It’s hard work.  You leg it around like a loon having to do stuff because you have to see the world before ya croak it.

Driving. I could double up as a taxi driver cause some of the jobs are a treck of epic scale.  The music gets me through the journey.  I couldn’t live without music. Anyone that knows me knows just how much I love music.  Intelligent music it has to mean something and have a message.

It’s like Floyd.  Its only in isolation that you can truly appreciate Floyd and when I am driving.  I close the windows and whack the tunes out.  I tried to call my old friend Brian to have a catch-up but he wasn’t answering his phone because he is a moonbeam.  I rang me al fella to see if he was in.   


“Hiya Dad. I was just checking you was in?” I did say I could be a knobhead. An unintentional knobhead.

“Bloody Hell, what’s the occasion?” or something like that.  I went up for a brew.  He said he only had a United cup for me brew but then brought out a big whopping Bill Shankly cup.  We had about films and stuff it was nice to see a nice big of me ma and da on the wall.

Anyway just as I was leaving. I got a text from Brian. He swerved me for the Aldi.  The knobnose.


By the way the 5th person to comment on my blog and tell me what Julianne’s Catering and particularly what the driver and co-founder Bob means to you will get a special prize!! Woo.

Prize #1 A multi pack of a crisps of your choice!!

I am willing to go global with this. We have friends in Belgium. America. Jamaica. France. Scotland. Ireland.


I went back to get a job and their was loads of bin-lids running around and there was 2 big whopping knives on the end of the table but no parents around. Be careful. Kids are off their nuts especially when sweets are involved.


So there I was on the final leg of the journey.  Floyd finished and I think the ghost of David Bowie has been trying to talk to me via the medium of sound.  It’s quite intense I heard the opening bass line of “Lazarus” the amazing song that Bowie wrote in the dark shadows of a horrible illness.  The man truly is a legend.

It gave me the tiny acorn of an idea of trying to create short animations to old hidden very select choice of tunes.  I would need to try and find a free animation software. Then ask permission. It’s a thought.

Sundays evening are cool especially when you been grafting all day. Its not easy this catering stuff. Julies boss she knows her shit. I am proper proud of her  I have helped her grow this business and people think its easy but it’s not. I polished off a brandy and diet it was magic.

Like I said at the beginning I chat a lot of shite but its harmless shite.  That’s more or less it thanks for making it this far.  Just remember eat more pie.









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