25 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas

Christmas is upon us.  Joy to the world and goodbye wages.  I am not Scrooge by a long shot.  The problem is Christmas costs a lot of dollars. Join me on the quest for making money. In 25 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas

Extra Money


1. Sell Your Body

Yes, that’s right prostitution is the way forward. Pimp your man or woman.  The problem with this is that I would struggle to earn £1.00 a week.  Unless there is a market for average baldy men.

I am only joking of course BUT sell YOU!

Sell your services. Sell what YOU can DO.

Think about it. The Christmas period is the ideal time to start selling your services.

For instance.

If you are a cook, make Christmas cakes. Make Fairy Cakes or Christmas Pies. Sell them on Facebook Groups.  Open a pop-up food shop in the Christmas Markets.

If you are able to type try becoming a virtual assistant.  Help friends with their tax returns.  Organise calenders. Advertise on Facebook.

You can decorate.  Assemble flat-pack furniture. Empty Bins.  Clean Bins.  Clean Cars.  Walk Dogs.  Babysit.  These are just ideas that spring to mind without knowing what you can do.  I work full time but I help my wife with her Catering business.  The secret is, get off your arse and make it happen.

Sell your services, use your head to get ahead.


2. Quidco

Quidco is cool beans it doesn’t cost anything to use.  It’s a cashback referral site. I have been using it for around 4 years or so and I have earned around £1000.  At the moment I have around £60 to cashout   Okay it’s not mega-bucks but it all helps.

My wife has around £200 because she spends a lot more than me for the online groceries and clothes etc.

You won’t get money straight away but if you save it all year round to use at Christmas its fantastic.

Some advantages of shopping online. You save on fuel and time. Plus you don’t get distracted and buy unnecessary items.

Unfortunately, its unavailable for the US. There are alternatives such as  shopathome and topcashback.

3. Think Scrooge


Maybe old Ebenezer was on to something?  This is a roundabout way of making money.  Both, me and my wife spend a lot on each other at least £500 pounds.  If we didn’t we would save £500.00 between us. 

My only problem is my wife would divorce me and I enjoy opening presents.

4. Sell Stories Online

Have you got a story to sell?  There are loads of websites available for selling your story online.  Simply search for “Sell your story online” 

Most of the time it needs to be a true story and not boring!  You might have to seek permission to include other people if the story involves someone else.  

Here is a good starting website.

Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas Using a Car

5. Amazon Flex

Have a car? Have time to spare?  There are plenty of opportunities to deliver parcels for Amazon especially around Christmas time.  Click here for further information.

6. Taxi Driver

Are you talking to me? You too can re-enact the famous scene from the Robert De Nero movie.  Get a gig as an uber driver.  With the use of Satnav, you no longer need to know the city streets.   You don’t need anything too complicated other than a reliable set of wheels and maybe a Mohican. 

If you dont fancy driving strangers around.  Offer to be the designated driver for your friends and family for a fee.  I would rather pay someone than take the chance of drink driving.

7. Vouchers

Don’t underestimate the POWER of the voucher. Most supermarkets have loyalty schemes.  Tesco, for instance, has a points scheme.  The more you spend the more points you accumulate.  My wife spends a fortune for home shopping and some business shopping. Between us we accumulate points. 

This year alone we earned £189.00 in Tesco Vouchers. 

8. Keep Fit Take-Away

Keep Fit and Take-Away in the same sentence.  How is this possible? Take Away food is unhealthy and makes you fat.  I speak from personal experience.  So, why not flip this?  Why not make extra money by delivering food?

Get a part-time gig delivering food for Deliveroo.  Not only do you earn extra dollar but you keep fit delivering Take-Away.  Winner, winner Chicken Dinner!


Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas

9. Sell your shit

Not literally that would be just weird. But do however take a look around. 

The old blouse that you wore once.  That lamp that you bought that’s gathering dust and no longer matches your decor. The old tools that are never used.

If you no longer use it. SELL IT!  Take some pictures, good pictures.  If you are selling clothes take a picture of the label (this makes it easier to describe).  Remember to weigh the item if its practical.

10. eBay

Sell your stuff on eBay – we have all used eBay to buy stuff. 

Why not sell stuff as well?  There are plenty of ways to make some profit on eBay.  Here is a list of the best selling items on eBay..

Things to consider.

You do pay a small fee for selling via eBay. 

You need to think about postage.  The bigger and heavier the item, the more it costs to ship.  

Think about when your auction ends.

Do you want to sell via auction (selling fee) or Buy-it-now? (selling and listing fee)

I tend to end my items on the weekend, preferably a Sunday.  Why Sunday?  Most people are not working and sitting on their computers or phones.

Check for selling promotions.  eBay offer promotions where you can sell items for a .99p which are ideal for expensive items.

If you don’t want to sell your designer shirt for less than .99p set a minimum selling price.

Try to deal with any issues when selling ASAP.  99% of the time, eBay take side with the buyer.  If you don’t resolve the issue. This will impact your selling status.


11. Sell via Facebook


You need to join Facebook groups. Lots of groups.  Search for groups using the following search term. “Buy and Sell (City name)” or (City name) Buy and Sell for starters. 

Do NOT underestimate the power of Facebook Groups. I am a member of 10 local groups.  Each group has a minimum of 10,000 members.  I can advertise the items that I am selling to potentially 100,000 people.  The best part is that its free.  Remember pictures sell!


12. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is similar to Quidco in that you can earn as you shop online.  They do however offer payments for surveys.  So if you have time to spare and you don’t mind typing, get on it! 

You can also get paid for watching videos and playing games as well!!


13.  Multiple Personalities


Like an international drugs dealer.  Multiple email accounts can be useful.  Whilst this does not earn extra money.  It does mean that you can take advantage of special offers via referral sites.  New members normally get better rates compared to existing members.  It’s a little bit naughty but I like to stick it the man! 

It is useful to have multiple emails because you can use one email address when filling in online surveys. You will get spammed to death!


14. Sell Your Skills to Pay the Bills

Fiverr is a site where you can purchase or sell your skills.  With a full range of services. Ranging from SEO, editing, drawing, painting, writing, web site design. 

I have used it as a user when helping with my writing. If you have skills such as proof-reading. Typing reports, or making videos.  This is the place to sell your skills.  There is something for everyone.


15. Listen to the Music

Slice the Pie is a review site.  You get paid for reviewing new songs, fashion, accessories and commercials.  You need to register and provide feedback to unsigned artists.  The more you review the more you get paid.


16. Old to New

You can make a tidy profit being thrifty.

There are plenty of people willing to give things away for free.  Just search for free stuff on Facebook or Craigslist.  Another trick is to go to car boot sales when they are finishing.  Most sellers don’t want to take items back with them and are normally willing to give or sell their unwanted items for next to nothing. 

If you have DIY skills you can repair old furniture.  If you have an eye for design you turn old t-shirts into fashionable vests.


17. Sell your old Books

Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas


Why not sell your old books via Amazon?  The best books to sell are reference books.  Have you just finished University? Have some old DIY books?  These type of books can be found in car boot sales.

Amazon Books



18.  Dog Walking or Pet Minding

Speak to your friends and family.  Find out who has dogs or cats.  Negotiate a rate. Job Done. 

Advertise your services on Facebook, remember the power of the groups.. If you start to take this seriously you will need some form of liability insurance.

19. Hampers

Who doesn’t like a good hamper? Hampers are ace.  Plus they are great for selling on Facebook Groups, eBay and Etsy.  If your crafty, you can make your own basket from scrap wood. Here is a great video explaining how to do it. 

Don’t just stick with food hampers.  You can do booze hampers,  Pamper Hampers.  Shop around for bargains.  If you have access to wholesalers buy in bulk.  Cheese and Wine hampers are a winner!

20. Affiliate

No making money blog post would not be complete without mentioning Affiliate links.  It’s worth being familiar with blogging.  Here is a post I wrote about reasons to blog.  You could also do with finding out how to promote your blog. Using SEO and Pinterest amongst other platforms. 

You can make money by promoting companies, products and services.  Much like a salesman earning commission through selling goods.

Here are some good sites to start with


Amazon Affiliate Program


21. Sell your Photographs

Everyone with an iPhone or Smartphone goes crazy taking pictures.  Phones packed with storage and high-resolution.  There is no excuse not to make a bit of extra dollar! Make them shine!

Here are a few sites that pay





22. Babysitting

Sure its old-school and it involves having to deal with squaking kids.  But its a nice little earner.  Ask your friends and family if they need some respite from their adorable brats kids.  Let them rediscover themselves all for a fee of course.


23.  The Wolf of Wallstreet.

Learn to invest.  Invest time to learn how to invest.  There are lots of sites and books available to learn how to invest. 

There is a new type of investment available called micro-investment.  These work on the premise that you register with the app.  It rounds up your change and invests these small amounts for you.  The original one was called Acorns below (only available in the USA).  Moneybox (UK) is relatively new but well worth a look,




24.  Teach Online

Are you good at something?  Maybe you can play the guitar? Or you are an Excel wizard.  There are a couple of sites where you can teach people new skills and get paid.  Dont forget to flaunt your skills on your blog as well.




25. Father Christmas

Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas

Embrace Christmas and become the big man!. There are lots of jobs available this time of year to be Santa or one of his helpers.  Search for Father Christmas jobs.  Why not buy a costume and go solo? Advertise on Facebook and hire yourself out!


I hope that you have enjoyed my post Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas.  If you like my post please share.  Sharing is caring.  Please leave any comments or even better subscribe..

Happy Christmas!




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  1. I love your quick wit! I also like the idea of getting paid to review music…. I think I might check that one out myself…. Thanks for sharing ways to be more fiscally conscious during the frenzy of the holiday.


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